CC Image License Search Engine API Implementation


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Previously, my colleague Anna made a page that search similar images by uploading or from the link. This UI page can be either inside the server or outside the sever. It uses only PHP API without accessing Database directly.


This is open API that have functions of Adding, Deleting, and Matching image. It can be accessed by anyone who want this function. UI page or client implementation such as browser extension uses this API. The matching result is JSON format.
This API page Add/Delete/Match by asking “C++ Daemon” without changing Database.
Only for read-only access to the Database will be permitted.

C++ Daemon

All adding/deleting operation will be done in this daemon. By doing so, we can remove the problem of synchronization between database and index for matching. That is because this daemon will have content index on the memory all the time for fast matching.
Because this daemon is active all the time, to get the request and give result to “PHP API”, it works as domain socket server. PHP API will request using domain socket.


Database contains all metadatas about CC license images and thumbnail path that are used to show as a preview in the matching result.